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Sathyan - Managing Director (FGV Group)

An international experienced, dedicated, passionate with a proven track record in the field of Steel Foundries manufacturing Industrial Valves and Engineering Equipment’s. With more than 45 years of extensive international experience, leadership, and knowledge of the complexities of the diverse economies, combined with tireless work ethic, enables him to credibly drive change and results throughout the business.

His passion with the foundries & valve industries still continues in the FGV Group.

Sandeep - Sales Manager (Water Division)

Sandeep is into the valve business for more than 5 years, handling multiple projects in the UAE, Oman & Bahrain. Handling Sales, Marketing, and Consultant Approvals for the water valves.

Sujeet - Manager (International Sales)

Sujeet began his career working with a valve manufacturing in the R&D Division, initially with manufacturing, quality and testing of valves followed by Sales & Service. He has brought in more than 18 years of Middle East experience combining of Oil & Gas and Utilities Sector.